Thursday, September 27, 2012

Я Yсталa

I'm quite tired, but I cannot stop exploring this city!

Even though I was so excited to find such a great running route yesterday and the sun was actually shining this morning, I could not bring myself to get out of bed.  Instead of running, I had a leisurely breakfast with my host mom.  She quizzed me on my Russian vocabulary to help me prepare for my test on Monday.

Gorky Park
I only had my Russian language class today and it was excellent.  For this first time, I actually understand Russian grammar!  Normally, when professors attempt to show how the different Russian cases interact, they print out a chart of word endings and ask students to memorize the uses of each case.  However, today, my professor drew an entire diagram on the board that demonstrated the interplay amongst the different subjects and objects in a sentence!  It made so much sense!  I almost wish I did not have to take a break from class for the weekend.  Is that blasphemy?

After class, Stephanie and I decided to walk through Центральный парк культуры и отдыха имени Горького (Gorky Park) since the weather was so pleasant.  Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the park, the usual Moscow overcast set in.  Nevertheless, the park was beautiful.
Stephanie in Gorky Park
I'm curious to see the film Gorky Park even though it was actually filmed in Helsiki and Stockholm.

Convent of the Nativity of the Virgin

From Gorky Park, we met up with Kyle in the center of the city to explore more.  Our first stop was the Convent of the Nativity of the Virgin.  I think we walked into a service accidentally because inside the Convent, behind a stunning array of golden icons, a choir of nuns were singing hymns.

Then, we stumbled upon "Teatralnaya," which is the theatre district near Red Square.  The architecture in this area of the city is breathtaking.
Kyle, Stephanie, and I at the Bolshoi Theatre
Since I adore hotels and hope to go into the hospitality industry one day, I brought Kyle and Stephanie through the famous Hotel Metropol.
Hotel Metropol
Neither Kyle nor Stephanie had visited Red Square yet, so we walked through the ГУМ into the square.
The ГУМ at night

The Circle of Lights Festival begins tomorrow!

The more time I spend in this city, the more I like it.  True, Moscow is fast paced and a bit intimidating, but it is просто мечта.     

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