Monday, October 1, 2012

Черный чай, пожалуйста

All my running around Moscow like a tourist version of the tasmanian devil has finally caught up with me.  As I write this, I am curled up in bed with a terrible stomach ache.  My host mom just brought me чай (tea) and крекер (crackers).  I took some Tums a little while ago and am waiting for them to kick in.

I'm assuming the food at the Academy disagreed with me.  I only had a bowl of soup and a beet salad, however, eating at the Academy is always a questionable decision.  Unfortunately, today, I did not have time between classes to go to one of the off campus eateries because our Russian language class ran late.  I really don't mind when that class continues beyond its scheduled time, though, since it is such an excellent class!

Speaking of classes, I have decided to take Economic Reform and Economic Policy in Modern Russia and Post-Soviet Eurasia and the SCO.  While I enjoyed the Space, Politics, and Modernity class I mentioned in a previous post, I looked at the syllabus and decided that the time I could spend writing an individual 15 page research paper and compiling a group project would be better used touring and learning about Russian culture.  There will be time in the future to put my experiences here on paper; I think that looking back on my study abroad experience will yield more comprehensive and significant research anyway.

I'm going to make use of this unusual afternoon time in bed to look into some weekend jaunts to nearby towns.  Everyone keeps telling me that Moscow is not Russia.  Fifteen minutes beyond the city is an entirely different atmosphere and I want to take advantage of our three day weekends to explore that part of Russia also.

I wish I could go to a museum right now.  Meh.

Here are more pictures from these past few days:
Inside the Kremlin

The Tsar Cannon

Arbatskaya Metro Station

Statue of Marshal Gregory Zhukov

Alexander Gardens

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  1. Sorry to hear about your stomach ache :( Usually Russia food is pretty good but I won't be the first to admit that they may not always have the best standards for food products, so choose wisely! Hope you get well soon!