Friday, October 12, 2012

у меня время

Since my injury this summer, I haven't run more than five miles in quite some time.  I'm not worried about adding long distances to my runs yet because the Boston Marathon is not until April; however, I need to maintain at least some running ability during my time in Moscow.  On a typical day, I run somewhere between three and four miles.  But this morning, with no classes or scheduled excursions, I had plenty of time.  I decided to run six miles.

Dressed in two layers to combat the 32 degree morning chill, I set out for the river.  I don't mind running in cold temperatures, but I wonder just how cold Moscow is going to get while I am here.  I completed the run in under an hour.  It's nice knowing that even after a few months without running, I am still in decent shape.

Annie was also free today, so we decided to visit Kuskovo, a grand estate owned by one of Russia's wealthiest aristocratic families, the Sheremetevs.

We rode the purple line to its penultimate stop.  We could see from the map that Kuskovo was a decent walk from the Metro station, but we decided to ходить пешком anyway.  We figured walking was easier than attempting to navigate Moscow's автобус (bus) system, plus we weren't in any rush.

A woman gave us directions that took us a bit out of our way.  Nevertheless, we made it to our destination ...

... only to find that they had drained the usually impressive lake in preparation for winter.

The damp ground, overcast skies, and cawing crows gave the estate an eerie vibe.  All the same, Kuskovo was beautiful.  I can only imagine how lovely it will be come spring and summer.

We explored all the old buildings including the Grotto, which had a stunning interior decorated with seashells and glass,

the unbelievably impressive Wooden Palace, which is made entirely of wood,

and the ceramics collections in the Orangery.

I love touring old estates.  Life in Kuskovo must have been so luxurious.

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  1. I had no idea that you're running Boston in April!! How amazing and exciting :) Be prepared though - Russian winters are brutal :/