Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Визит к врачу

In America, doctors strive for a "bedside manner" that combines professionalism, empathy, and optimism.  They want to make patients feel comfortable and instill a sense of trust.

In Russia, doctors hardly look you in the eye.  Strangely enough, I still trust them the same as any American doctor.  If anything, I think the Russian doctor's quiet, more impersonal treatment, makes for a preferable experience.  Today, my doctor didn't pry; he asked only what was necessary and told me what I needed to know.
Россия птицы
Nothing is wrong, by the way; I just needed to get a few rather routine things checked.


  1. Whenever we travel to Russia, we always try to make time for a doctor's visit. You're absolutely right - Russian doctors are so different from American ones. They just have an entirely different approach to healing. There's no forcing of pills/medicine, and they take a more holistic approach in general.


    1. You're so right! My doctor was much more willing to run a few tests and consider different options instead of hastily prescribe medicines.