Thursday, October 18, 2012

одно большое облако

The entire city of Moscow was one big cloud this morning.  After a rather rough night's sleep and a morning weather report of 100% humidity, I was in no mood to drag my ягодицы out the door for a run.  This week hasn't been the best for me in terms of running.  Oh well.  So, I did some yoga in my room instead.
Yoga studios in Moscow do exist.  Some even offer classes in English.  However, many are rather expensive; I know of a studio that charges $30 for one class.  I recently learned of a studio with more practical pricing.  Perhaps I will go one of these days.  I seriously need to get back on the yoga bus.  My 30 minute video this morning kicked my butt.

With only one class today, Annie, Stephanie, and I had the afternoon free.  We decided to go to a restaurant called Маяк, located on the second floor of the Mayakovsky Theatre.
Mayakovsky Theatre

The restaurant offered a delicious choice of a-la-carte dishes or a business lunch, which is a prix-fixe two-course and drink option.
Interior of Mayak
My salad was очень вкусно and the artist's parlor atmosphere in the restaurant only added to the dining experience.  If there weren't so many places to eat in Moscow, I would certainly return.
Stephanie and Annie
Stephanie went to her internship after lunch and Annie and I decided to explore more of the Tverskaya area.

We went to the Gorky House Museum.

The Gorky House Museum is considered a masterpiece of Style-Moderne architecture.  In 1931, Joseph Stalin presented the mansion as a gift to the socialist writer Maxim Gorky.
See below for photo credit.

The interior of the house was incredible.  Stained glass adorned the windows and delicate moldings and carvings lined the walls and ceilings.
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The most striking feature of the house was the Estonian limestone staircase.
See below for photo credit.
Style-Moderne / art nouveau is one of my favorite styles; it is so unique and distinct, yet classic.
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Though it was not the most beautiful of days, Annie and I decided to brave the pervasive cloud cover and walk down the historic Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa.  This street was the home to many prominent aristocratic families in the 18th century.  We saw the ITAR-TASS news agency, which was the mouthpiece of the Communist Party and continues to be Russia's main news agency,

and the Moscow Conservatory (under construction), before turning onto Bryusov Pereulok.

In the 1920s, the Communist party assigned the staff of the Moscow state theatres apartments along Bryusov Pereulok.  Buildings numbered 8-10 served as the Composers' Union.  In this building, Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitry Shostakovic were forced to read an apology for works that deviated from Socialist Realism.
Building No. 8-10
The street also featured a single-domed church, the Church of the Resurrection, which was one of a handful of churches that remained open during the Soviet era.

At the end of the street, we arrived at a granite archway that leads to Tverskaya Ulitsa.
Tverskaya Ulitsa
As one of the main streets through Moscow, Tverskaya Ulitsa is home to many upscale hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton.  I've already explored some of the other hotels in the area, such as the Metropol and the National, but not the Ritz.  Naturally, I had to go inside.
Main Lobby of the Ritz-Carlton
On the top floor of the Ritz is the O2 Lounge, which overlooks Red Square.
O2 Lounge

Exterior of the O2 Lounge / Roof of the Ritz

View of Red Square and the Kremlin from the roof of the Ritz

As I said before, Moscow was one big cloud today.
одно большое облако.

I only had my point and shoot camera today.  Bummer.  

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