Saturday, October 20, 2012


Stanford organized an excursion for us to the Tretyakov Gallery, the world's largest repository of Russian art.

On the ground level we explored the ancient icons.  Our guide explained that until the 18th century, the only paintings allowed in Russia were icons.

We then moved into galleries displaying my favorite style of painting: realism.

Here are some interesting and well-known pieces:

Our tour was excellent, but barely made a dent in the expansive collection of works at the Tretyakov Gallery.  There is so much to see here!

Anastasia met us after our tour of the gallery to help Annie, Kyle, and I purchase train tickets for our upcoming adventure (more on this in future posts).  Who knew that buying train tickets in Russia could be such a harangue?  Online, there are many scams, so it is best to either attempt to purchase the ticket on the official Russian site, which is all in Cyrillic, or go to the train station.  We are so thankful Nastya was there to translate, especially when our credit and debit cards were declined!  Despite our struggles, we are now in the possession of overnight train tickets!

Since Nastya and I both had doctor's appointments at 6:00PM, we went to a Russian coffee chain, Шоколадница, and shared a pot of tea.  

Russian tea in restaurants is almost always freshly brewed with tea leaves, spices, and sometimes, fruit.  Fresh tea leaves put tea bags to shame. 

My host mom made me microwavable fish sticks in the shape of dinosaurs for dinner.  I was not a fan.  

But, I am a fan of Stanford football!  Now, I'm off to a Big Game party at a Stanford alum's residence in Moscow!
Go Card!

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