Friday, October 19, 2012

бейте Кал! (I think that's how you say it in Russian ...)

With Big Game Day approaching, we only thought it fitting to take a picture supporting our beloved Stanford University in the most infamous of "cardinal" locations: Red Square.

Beat Cal!

Then, some racially enthralled Russians wanted to take pictures with Stephanie.  

Moscow, and Russia in general, are more racially homogenous compared to many other places.  This is not the first time that a Russian from the countryside has requested a photograph with Stephanie, Ron, or Bekah. 

Of course, we stopped for some ice cream in GUM to celebrate what is sure to be victory over Cal in tomorrow's Big Game.
According to Annie, the Russian ice cream is so good that you can "taste the cow."

Afterwards, we went for a stroll through Fallen Monument Park.  

After the fall of Communism, many of the statues were torn down and dumped in Fallen Monument Park, sometimes called the Socialist Sculpture Garden.


The most famous statue is the one of Stalin whose nose has been broken off by vandals.
Clearly, everyone had a great time.

That's better.

And we ended the day with a Communist Family Portrait. 
I fid it rather ironic that now many of the symbols of Russia's Soviet past are popular locations for family photographs; the Soviet Union, at least its in initial days, attempted to abolish family units.

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