Monday, November 12, 2012

Солнце в ноябре

I know I say this quite often, but when I came to Moscow, I truly didn't know what to expect from the city, from the culture, from the people, or from the weather.

I admit that I went through life thinking that Russians drink vodka because it's the only way for them to forget the cold.  Yes, Russians drink vodka and yes, it is cold here.  However, as we near the middle of November, I have yet to experience any cold worse than the winters I endured during my eighteen years in Pennsylvania.

Maybe I'm speaking too soon and tomorrow Moscow will be bombarded with a cold front to rival the North Pole, but for now, I'm taking advantage of the above freezing temperatures and checking out some outdoor sites, such as the Monument to the Conquerers of Space,
Monument to the Conquerers of Space

Yuri Gagarin

Sergei Korolev

I really like this picture

the statue of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman,

Does this statue look familiar to any Harry Potter fans out there?

and the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

In the summer, this is the Friendship Fountain

Currently, I'm researching things to see during our upcoming Thanksgiving break trip to Turkey.  We'll be spending Turkey Day in Turkey!  My host dad and I just had a long, though stilted, discussion about his previous two trips.  There is so much to see there!  I'm completely overwhelmed.


  1. Stunning photos! I love the ones of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, as well as the Harry Potter shoutout.

    1. Haha did you recognize the statue or Google it? Just curious :)

  2. That statue looks like the cover of the 7th HP book! I like it :)

    Turkey seems to be the go-to vacation spot for most Russians. They love it there! Have a great time!