Monday, November 26, 2012

новое расписание

As my host mom predicted, the sun did not rise until 9:30 this morning.  Since I leave for school at 10:00 and need to be out of the shower and at the breakfast table by 9:15 so that my host sister can get ready, I could not fit a run in this morning.  For the remainder of my time here, I will need to change my routine and run in the afternoon on weekdays.

Mustering the motivation to run after classes was difficult, especially after ten days without heart-pumping exercise in Turkey.  But, as always, once I started, I was glad I forced myself out the door.

I ran my usual three-mile loop around the monastery's frozen lake.  In the gently falling snow, Moscow is truly a site to behold.  I wanted to take a picture; however, by the time I returned home and stretched for a bit, I didn't feel like going outside again the sun had sunk too low for decent lighting.  The long nights of the Russian winter have begun!

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