Friday, November 30, 2012


When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by the sound of excitedly tapping paws.  I opened my bedroom door and a black poodle promptly jumped up to greet me, wagging his tail and licking my hands.

"ой! привет!" I said.

"Джерри! Что ты делаешь?" called my host mom from the kitchen.  And, like the well trained poodle that he is, Gerry scuttled back into the kitchen at the sound of his name for some of my host-mom's adorations and bits of cheese.

We are dog-sitting for my host mom's friend who is ill.

Later that morning, I offered to take Gerry out with me when I met up with Annie and Patrick to take some snowy pictures of the Novodevichy Monastery near my house.  It would have been a fun time, but I think my host mom enjoys having a dog again, so she wanted to walk Gerry herself.  She used to have a Cocker Spaniel a few years ago.

Russians really love their dogs!

Our walk around Novodevichy was terribly cold.  Russian's are a hardy bunch.  I think Nikolai Gogol said it well: "The Russian man is apt for anything and can get used to any climate.  Send him all the way to Kamchatka, give him just a pair of warm mittens, and he'll clap his hands, pick up his axe, and off he goes building a new cottage."

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  1. Wow looks like winter has officially struck down on Russia! As brutal as it may be, make sure to make the most of this wintery experience. There's nothing like a Russian winter!