Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day in Turkey: Pamukkale

Turkey Day in Turkey:

Doing a day trip from Selcuk to Pamukkale is difficult, but possible.

The bus ride from Selcuk to Pamukkale was approximately 3 hours with one transfer in Denzli. When we arrived, we were immediately assaulted with the usual Turkish salesman attempting to sell us a tour of the region. Since we did only have a few hours and we wanted to make our time in Pamukkale worth the trip, we negotiated the price a bit and decided to take a tour.

Our tour began with the red springs.

From there, the bus dropped us at the entrance to the ancient Greco-Roman and Byzantine city of Hierapolis.

We saw the Antique Pool, where Cleopatra swam.

Then, we photographed our way through the Travertine terraces, which are comprised of calcium deposits.

It was really bright!
It was a stunning day to visit the pools and we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Since we paid for a private tour, we also were provided with a private bus ride back to Selcuk, a nice perk that shortened the trip by about 40 minutes.

Back in Selcuk, we celebrated Turkey Day Turkish Style!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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