Monday, December 10, 2012

Встреча с послом

Last night we were honored to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Ambassador Michael McFaul, at his residence, Spaso House.

The Ambassador treated us to stories of his time as a study abroad student in Russia during the Soviet era and shared his thoughts on the challenges facing U.S.-Russian international relations.  We spoke about issues such as Syria as well as problems facing the Russian business sector.  One of the most interesting topics we discussed was the perceptions that Russians have towards Americans.  Just as I had never experienced Russian culture before studying abroad here, many Russians have never actually experienced American culture.  It is easy to forget that cultural misunderstandings go both ways.

He ended the evening by reminding us to leave room in our lives for "serendipity."  Ambassador McFaul never imagined he would end up serving the United States government abroad and he certainly took a more out of the ordinary path to get there, but he enjoyed every minute of it.

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