Thursday, December 6, 2012

идти быстро

Remember way back to when I first came to Moscow and felt like my "California saunter" did not fit in with the fast-paced Moscow life? Well, I have since gained some power walking skills, partially out of desire to fit in and partially out of necessity. Yesterday, as I speed -walked home with a throng of fans from the hockey game, I could not wait to get inside and out of the below-freezing temperatures. I realized that years of hustling through the cold from warm respite to warm respite has probably predisposed the Moscow population to speed-walking.

Thankfully, I have had a little over 2 months of training in pleasant weather before I needed to make actual use of my power walking skills!  Tomorrow's forecast is calling for a high of 26 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn't terribly cold.  I have definitely experienced worse in the suburbs of Philadelphia; however, when I need to walk outside from the Metro to the Academy, that 26 degrees starts to feel significantly colder. 

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  1. Ha Russians are definitely power walkers, and I'm no exception! Russian winters are brutal - the stereotypes are all true! Cold but incredibly beautiful.