Friday, December 7, 2012

Я ненавижу времени

I greatly dislike all the endings and good byes that are beginning.  Earlier today we had our final Russian class, then this evening we had our Bing Dinner at a Georgian restaurant called John Joli.

John Joli had a great atmosphere!  It was very festive.  The food was excellent, but, (though it sounds trite), the best part of the evening was the company.  Over the past few months, I feel as though the participants in our program have developed a very unique bond.  I love everyone so much and never want the fun times in Moscow to end!

We have one week left in Russia.  Let's make it count.

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  1. Whaat I can't believe that your Russian adventures are already coming to an end! It seems like only a few weeks ago that you arrived. I hope you make the most of your last few days there and I'm looking forward to reading your final overall thoughts on Russia and Moscow.