Sunday, December 9, 2012

мое последнее воскресенье в Москве

Annie, Patrick, and I attempted to see the Diamond Fund again this Sunday.  We arrived at the Kremlin at around 11:00; however, the only tickets that were available were for 2:00 PM.  We already had afternoon plans to hang out with Bekah and her host family, so we decided to postpone the Diamond Fund for yet another day.  Third time is a charm!

We walked around the city, filming awkward interview segments for our FlipCam video about the BOSP Moscow program.  Being on camera makes me so self-conscious!

We found the Red October Chocolate Factory, which is now a very artsy, hipster area of Moscow.  In 1851, German immigrant Teodore Ferdinand von Einem arrived in Moscow and opened a small candy shop near Teatralnaya Square.  Finding success with the notorious Russian sweet tooth, he later opened a red brick production facility on the embankment of the Moscow River.

By 1913, the factory was providing chocolates to the Czar and his family.  Then, in 1918, the company was seized by the Soviet government and renamed "State Confectionery Factory Number One."  In 1922, this lengthy name was changed to "Red October."  The Soviet government funded the expansion of the chocolate factory and expanded its offerings to include such notable sweets as Southern Nights, Stumbling Bear, and the infamous Alenka.  
The Red October chocolate factory has since moved to a 48,000 sq. meter facility in the suburbs of Moscow and continues to produce delectable Russian sweets.

After our stroll through Moscow, we met up with Matt, Ron, and Sharia and went to Bekah's house for afternoon tea.  Her host family is so accommodating and kind!  This is actually Bekah's second host family since she encountered a few problems with her first family.  I really glad she decided to move and has been enjoying time with her new family!

In other news, I have the written portion of my Russian language final exam tomorrow!  I'm so nervous!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Do they have peanut butter in Russia, or did someone bring that with them? And good luck with your finals!